Precept Intn'l Bible School
ffers a two year program  and a four year Biblical Studies Program
1st Year Teaches the student
First year at PIBS teaches foundational biblical principles and doctrines, creating a clear understanding of kingdom operations, rights, and privileges.Courses plus mandatory volunteer experience in a PIBS approved area of ministry, prepares the student to assist in any area of ministry and/or marketplace. Requires Ministry Practicum
2nd Year Helps the student to teach others
Second year is a more in-depth study and training to put to use what is learnedStudy, preparation, and sharing the gospel through various avenues prepares the student for supportive roles, as well as leadership roles in ministry and the marketplaceRequires Ministry Practicum
3rd Year Leadership Roles
Studies are directed toward specific areas of ministryDesigned to helpstudent become skillful in certain areasStrong emphasis in Leadership, Ministry of Business trainingRequires Ministry Practicum in majorHealing Ministry training
4th Year Academics-Bachelor Degree in Biblical Students
In-depth studies in various areasBook by Book studies of the BibleWorld religionsPracticum:  Community involvement