Tutition & Fees
Application Fee                                 50.00 non refundable 
Register Fee                                     50.00
One-timeTechnology                         25.00 per Quarter
Library Fee                                        25.00 per Quarter  
Tutitions (All tuitions include course books
First Year                            2000.00
Second Year                       2000.00
Third Year                           2300.00
Fouth Year                          2500.00
Please see Registrar Office for payment Plans.
Course Type
Credit Course Enrolled, Attend Lectures , Meet All Course Requirements, Takes All Course Exams                               
 Non-Credit Course    Enrolled,  Lectures, Does Not Take Course Exam
    *All Fees & Tutition applies to both student types

Converting Non-Credit Converted to Credit Courses  After six hours class must be coverted to continue in credit courseEnrolled,  Lectures, Meet All reaing requires Does Not Take Course Exam Enrolled,  Some Non-credit course may cross over to credit classes, in such case a student may convert the non-credit class to a credit course  by the following. Guidelines for Converting Class:Must take the mid-term & final exams where applicable.Application to convert must be made within 9 hours of  year course is taken.All Course requirements met.Fifty Dollar fee per required exam. (In lieu of exam student may write essay at Instructor's discreetion and Dean's Approval)